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Chinese group visa is simple & easy to apply, it is only $100 per person, must have 2 or more people travel together.

About Chinese Group Visa

There must be Two or more people traveling together 

Visitors to China require a Chinese Visa which must be obtained in advance of travel. The Chinese group visa is applicable for two or more people traveling together - They must be departing and returning together.

The Chinese group visa is tourism (L) visa, it lists all applicants on the form with the visa label stuck on it (not attached to the passport). You must carry passports and the visa together, even within China (for example, to show your visa during hotel check-in).

The original visa must be used in conjunction with a photocopy sheet. The Chinese immigration will receive photocopy sheet at entry and the original at exit. You do not need to fill out the Chinese entry / exit form (However, it may depend on the local port immigration border requirements). Chinese group visa is valid for traveling to China by air, sea and land.

If you apply for individual Chinese visa, please go to Chinese visa application service center at or check with Chinese Embassy, Chinese consulate or other agency.

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